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From beginning to end, our team has you covered.

From beginning to end, our team has you covered.


Tailor-Made For Florida Homeowners

Our inspection includes a full assessment and report by a trained roofing professional or licensed roofing contractor. The report is done on-site at that same visit. 


We will recommend what is needed, and only that. If no repair or re-roof is recommended, we tell you that. If we feel we can repair it, we let you know that too. If a re-roof is needed, one of our licensed roofing contractors prepares a scope of work specific to your needs. 


The BIG difference in our process is for EVERY roof assessment we still do a physical inspection and “walk the roof”.


What that means is our team physically climbs onto your roof and walks over the entire roof surface. This allows them to fully assess the project and what is needed. It allows our team to address potential decking issues for roof replacements.


Most contractors simply rely on a 3rd party service that measures the size of the roof surface from the air. These overhead shots don’t show the complete condition. They provide quotes based on that alone. 


We provide our best price on the first quote – no stressful negotiations or pricing process. We use high-grade materials to ensure the job gets done right the first time.


We truly are the “total package” from start to finish! Let us bring our comprehensive collection of professional services to you. We give you one less thing to worry about. You will have peace of mind knowing the job will be done correctly and completely. 100% of our focus will be on providing a top-quality job tailored specifically for your needs.

Shingle roof repair on Florida house

Your Neighbors Think Highly Of Us

Jessy M.
Jessy M.
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Terrific experience from start to finish working with everyone from Arch Roofing & Repair. They were extremely well organized throughout every stage of the re-roof and I was pleasantly surprised how trouble-free the entire project ended up being. Very prompt and reliable and just a great group of guys to work with.
Howard S.
Howard S.
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An unexpected roof repair led us to these guys and we couldn’t be happier. Really appreciate how professional they were; they walked us through everything, answered all of our questions (we had plenty) and produced quality work at a fair price. Highly recommend.

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Upgrade Your
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